Hongkong Taxi Scam

Not all trip is flawless (or may i say, every trip is not?), it’s something like you have the rain on your shoes, not a big thing, but still annoying. Traveling does have it. To this post, I let you know you my inconvenient experience during my Hong Kong trip at January 2015.


It was a bright night at The Peak, the downtown of Hong Kong entertaiment city, (they said) — (but then i only found height view and some famous people wannabe statues). As we realized we had nothing more to see, it’s 10 pm, me and my wife with my 1 year old baby boy, decided to go back hotel.

I saw the queue of the tram line, and it made me believe that taxi was the best transportation. I stopped one of it, we rode it in, and the flaw began.

At about 100 meters driving, the driver turned his taxi off. With very messy english, he remained that at that time we wouldn’t get any taxi, so he offered us to continue going with HKD 300 (normal rate wouldn’t be more than HKD 100) or looking for another taxi. I looked around and saw trees and streetlights only, than i turned to see my wife and my baby. BASTARD. He knowed that i had no options.

I tried to bargain then, HKD 200. He turned the rate down to HKD 250, but i said that’s all we had, he agreed then. For about next 20 minutes, we arrived to Ramada Hotel. During the trip, i tried to seek any information about the driver, since he hide his taxi ID card at the beginning of the ride. I found nothing about him, but i could read his taxi number, GK3824. GOT YOU A%#@^&E !

As we entered our hotel room, i browsed any website of Hong Kong public transportation service, to be filled with complaint. And YES! http://www.info.gov.hk/tcu/taxi/ was what i needed!


The website provide form for any complaint on Hongkong taxis. I filled it as i wished that jerky driver would be fired.

Taxi Complaint Form

  Part I Personal Data
  1. Name: syarif
  2. Email: sy***************@yahoo.com

  Part II Details of Complaints (or Details of Suggestions)
  3. Date of incident: 23/January/2015
  4. Time of incident: 22.15
  5. Types of Taxi: Urban Taxi (Red Taxi)
  6. Location:
  (a) pick-up point: The Peak
  (b) drop-off point: Ramada Hong Kong Hotel
  7. Vehicle registration number/vehicle identification: GK3824
  8. Taxi Driver Identity Plate Number: he hide his id card
  9. Name of driver/staff: he hide his id card
  10. Details:
  We stop the taxi and he pick us. At about 100 meters drive, he stop his car,  and offer us rate 300$ for taking us to Ramada Hotel, he said there would be no more taxi to come to The Peak. It’s like we have no other choise but we tried to bargain.we ask 200$, then he turn the rate down to 250$.but we said no, and he agreed with 200$. 20 minutes left and we arrived to Ramada Hongkong Hotel. I  try to seek his taxi ID card, but he hide it. I only can remember the number of  the taxi. Eventhough we deal for rate, but i think this is aint right!

  I AGREE to disclose the personal data (including name and email address)
  to the relevant Government departments for handling this case.

Not took any minute, I received an autoreply email from info@tcu.gov.hk indicated my mail was delivered well.

Two days after i reported my complaint, i received another email from Hongkong Gov TCU.

Another two days later, i received another email.

Dear Mr Mansur,

Complaint against driver of taxi GK3824

Thank you for your reply of 26 January 2015.  As you decide not to serve as witness, your case will not be referred to the Police.  I have referred your case to the Transport Department and requested them to issue an advisory letter to the driver concerned.  In addition, upon the request of the Police and other relevant government departments, we will pass information on this case, together with your name and contact details to them for reference and contact with you, if necessary, to enquire about the case details.

Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely,
(Benson NGAI )
for Executive Secretary
Transport Complaints Unit

Ok, that’s fair enough for me. I neglected the email and moved on. I was sure Hongkong government would take this case seriously, that I know that tourism is huge thing for this island.

Dear readers, if you have a plan to traveling to Hong Kong, you may always remain my story. If you are a woman or bringing your family with, you may consider to avoid traveling late at night. If you still have options, MRT train with crowd is better than private cab with stranger (don’t you think?). If you get punked as my experience chronicled, don’t hesitate to report it.


Today, i suddenly curious on my last year complaint. I wonder how the driver live his life now. Had he had his punishment?
I search my previous email from Hongkong TCU so that i can reply it with my curiosity.
Good day,
It’s been more than a year since my report sent to you. I believe your unit / organization has done best for my complaint.
As last information, i was informed that my case would be referred to the transport department and the driver would only get advisory letter. 
I wonder if i can get last information about my case progress: 
– Was the driver fired?
– Did the driver get any punishment from TCU or taxy company owner?
– and…. Did the driver say sorry?
Sorry for summing this case up again. But i really want to make my self believe that Hong Kong public transportation is getting better. Thank in advance.
Your sincerely,
Hehehe… guys, what do you think the driver would be? Please give me your opinion (or maybe your experience too). I will update this post as soon as i received replying email from Hongkong TCU.

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